Sunday, April 27, 2014

Guest Speaker

I am currently in my brother's room using his computer since my netbook's keyboard is not in its best function. I felt an urgency to speak for what I'm feeling right now. Thing is, I am very grateful for the chance to speak before the graduates of the schools where I spent my elementary and secondary years. 

I once told myself to go back to these schools because it's where I started honing myself to become who I am today. But I only thought of going back in a reunion or something else. Not as a guest speaker.

Nevertheless, I am truly grateful for life's way of bringing me back to these schools, these very dear schools: Ma. Cristina Elementary School and Dapitan City National High School. It's where I first spent my tender years of education and learned the true essence of struggle. The schools where I also learned many things about myself and had second parents. Upon arriving on their graduation day few weeks ago, I felt at home. 

Of course, being given the chance, I placed my best foot forward in transpiring the words of acumen that would inspire the graduates to pursue their education. I do hope, that with the humble experiences and meaningful struggles and lessons I narrated, I have inspired them. 

@ Dapitan City National High School

Some of my dear high school teachers. I wonder why they're not getting any older..!!

@ Ma. Cristina Elementary School

Meet Chloe, my With Honors niece.

                                                                        Momsy in left with co-teachers.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Summer Escapade at Manuel's

Hey hey lovelies, how are you?
Allow me to share my photo diary of the summer escapade I had with friends last week.  Summer is obviously here and the SUN is absolutely scorching!!! So I figured, why not go out for swimming? It'll be perfect to complete my summer.

Where's your summer destination?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Celebration

Apologies for the late blog post. I've been really busy with work lately and I can't seem to manage my time well. Talk about time-management crisis!!! 

Anyway, here are some photos of the pre-grad. celebration with my college besties at Marcian Hotel. Just a typical night though. Eating, goofing around, swimming, etc. But you know when you spend typical things with special friends, every moment becomes special too.

with Victor Miranda (batch valedictorian)

We'll surely miss this night and look forward to another bonding. 
Hopefully even if we're already in separate ways because of work, finding time for ourselves shouldn't be a challenge. 

More posts to come. Stick around. 


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