Thursday, April 3, 2014

Summer Escapade at Manuel's

Hey hey lovelies, how are you?
Allow me to share my photo diary of the summer escapade I had with friends last week.  Summer is obviously here and the SUN is absolutely scorching!!! So I figured, why not go out for swimming? It'll be perfect to complete my summer.

Where's your summer destination?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Celebration

Apologies for the late blog post. I've been really busy with work lately and I can't seem to manage my time well. Talk about time-management crisis!!! 

Anyway, here are some photos of the pre-grad. celebration with my college besties at Marcian Hotel. Just a typical night though. Eating, goofing around, swimming, etc. But you know when you spend typical things with special friends, every moment becomes special too.

with Victor Miranda (batch valedictorian)

We'll surely miss this night and look forward to another bonding. 
Hopefully even if we're already in separate ways because of work, finding time for ourselves shouldn't be a challenge. 

More posts to come. Stick around. 



Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Miss This!!!

Sorry for the late post everyone! I've been really busy with my first ever work lately! If only I had the luxury of time I would have wanted to post about my college graduation and express my gratitude to all who have helped in shaping me. But I wasn't able to because of the lack of time. I promise though to post about it in no time.

Anyway!!!! I just wanna say that I super miss blogging and that I'm looking forward to getting time for this passion as I had before.I'm currently in the queen city of the South, Cebu. If you have read one of my previous posts I mentioned about opportunity options and apparently  I have decided to grab the j.o here. For now, things are still new to me and I'm still in the process of adjusting. But as soon as I have adjusted, expect regular posts.

Looking forward to posting my next blog post. Love lots!
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