Wednesday, May 18, 2016

From Canyons to Kawasan Falls

If you’re like me who’s up for anything then you surely would enjoy canyoneering and eventually rafting in the pristine water of Kawasan Falls at Badian, Cebu. To say it’s the ultimate summer destination is a no-brainer; and to say my experience being “great” is an understatement.

It took us 2-3 hours of land trip from South Bus Terminal to reach the place. We then checked in and left our belongings at Asuncion Beach Resort (where the white sand beach awaits) then went straight to the quarters for the complete canyoneering gear which the package we booked already includes. From helmet to life vest, even shoes, lunch, and the raft we used in defying the ravishingly ravaging 3-LEVEL falls of Kawasan. Not to mention our awesome tour guide!!! The package was a total convenience I must say and I suggest you book the same as there are many other tourists just walking in.

It was a splendid encounter with nature indeed and the overall experience was to me, a highly elating summer odyssey.    

Friday, January 1, 2016

Thank you, 2015! Welcome, 2016!

Before anything allow me first to greet you all a merry late Christmas! Hope you had a great noche buena and a quality time with your family. As for me, it was a roller-coaster week last week because of the back-to-back invitations on judging contests, parties, jams, plus my hosting events for Little Miss Dapitan. Of course the time with family is given. I know I am ultra blessed with friends, family and opportunities and this actually leads me to my post about New Year.

Happy New year, everyone! I hope my 2016 will be as productive and blessed as my 2015. I am hoping and praying the best for you, too! Or even more for all of us!!! 2015 has showered me with a lot of what I didn’t expect. God has been really good to me since the beginning and I definitely don’t know if I deserve all what I received. Obviously, I can’t complain so it is indeed just right to say “thank you, 2015 and welcome, 2016!”

This New Year I look forward to crossing-off more of what I have in my bucket list. I fervently pray to finally be able to live my ultimate dream in the light of my #career, #family, #health, and #travelGoals. Happy New Year again! Mwaah

Friday, December 4, 2015

December Thoughts

Time has flown so fast that I didn’t realize it’s drawing Christmas already. And the thought of it enlivens my spirit as yes, you guessed it, I’ll be able to have plenty of time to catch up with what I mostly missed during the hiatus--- blogging, and reading my favorite blogs which I’ve been passionately into since then. My teaching commitments and the fondness I have for hosting events and coaching reviews have in a way taken much of my time. So thanks mucho to Christmas breaks for I get to become active in blogosphere again. Not to mention the ample time I also get to spend with family, friends and loved ones. One that’s full of love and bliss. Talk about Christmas-feels!

It is also in December that I mostly get sentimental on a lot of things. I don't know. Maybe because of the sentiment-provoking cold, windy mornings; or perhaps the different spirit Christmas brings. In many instances, to name one, Christmas reminds me of how blessed I am; family-wise and of good friends and blessings I didn’t ask but received. These, I know, should remind me to always be grateful to Him; and another reminder to be a blessing to others, too.

Christmas, indeed, is my favorite time of the year.
Happy holidays to y’all!
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