Friday, April 17, 2015

Young Marians' Dance Festival & Art Exhibit 2015

It is of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence that I was able to conceptualize the Dance Festival and Art Exhibit in my MAPE classes. Gardner, emphasized in his theory that intelligence is not solely defined by mental tests as tests don’t capture all the ways humans can excel. Amenable to this, I kept thinking of a perfect avenue where my students could show their skills, talents, and pretty much the potentials that I may have failed to discover in our class. Thus, the "Young Marians' Dance Festival & Art Exhibit 2015".

One of its objectives is to showcase in a capsule most of my lessons in MAPE  4, 5, and 6. But more than that, it also aims to showcase the young Marians’ creativity, gracefulness, and deep appreciation to the Philippine culture.
The dance festival is practically a real-life integration of most of our music and physical education lessons. The students have similar dance steps but different music according to the festival they have picked. Grade 4 picked Panagbenga Fesitival, Grade 5 picked Ati-atihan Festival, and Grade 6 picked Kadayawan Festival. Their music has modern touches, and  being their MAPE teacher, yes I trained them myself.

Few pictures of the preparations before the festival

During the festival
On each table are different artworks such as pots made of clay, origami, carvings made of soap, masks, and plates of various themes. The art exhibit is also a real-life integration of most of our lessons in arts; from linear perspective drawing, to distortion, to pottery, carving, and many others.

Everything that transpired in the program was all the effort of the students---only with my supervision. It was "student-centered" to exactly phrase it as it was the students themselves who decorated the stage, emceed the event, made the video presentation showing the activities we did in our class, wrote the impression speeches, etc.

If it wasn't because of the program I wouldn't have seen how way responsible, creative, and amazing  my students are. And it is truly  fulfilling as their teacher to be able to witness that. I hope that this may serve as a tiny inspiration to teachers out there---to continuously bring out the best of every student. :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

My First Stint of Teaching

Our Honors Day and Graduation Rites just ended and I couldn't be happier of the thought that I have survived my first stint of teaching. It has been quite a road for me. I mean, while it was mostly fun and exciting, it was challenging and sharpening, too.

My students are the sweetest, coolest, cutest, and most cooperative but there were times that I didn’t know how to respond to some situations. Thanks to my tenured co-teachers. I always thought I was way too prepared because of my practice teaching experiences and the intensive education in college; only to realize that it really is different when you actually experience what you just discuss in a classroom. 

On a productive note, I am proud to say that through the help of my students' parents, we have achieved three projects for the classroom in just a single school year, and have successfully scored purposeful culminating activities in my four subjects. We have installed two ceiling fans in our classroom aside from our two air conditioners. We have also installed two bookshelves, and have purchased a new set of curtains. As for academic activities, I am in cloud nine to have realised the “Young Marians’ Dance Festival and Art Exhibit 2015” with the help of my student committees. I thought it was unachievable when I first conceptualized it but because of my students, working everything for the program seemed easy. Just a short backgrounder, it was a culminating event for my MAPE classes that aimed to showcase the students’ creativity, gracefulness and deep appreciation to the Philippine culture.

With no intention of bragging, I have also successfully spearheaded the Literary and Musical Competitions of the school being an English and MAPE teacher, and the English Club Moderator. Thank you to my club officers and members for the hardwork and to the Marian Student Government for the assistance. We have also performed investigative activities in my Science class, and did cooking and sewing among other purposeful activities in my TLE class. And oh if it also counts, I have been hosting most of the school's events.

Having narrated all these, I myself could say that it must have taken a lot of time perhaps years to finish all of it. But believe it or not, it seems to me that it was just yesterday. I believe it’s a good indication that I have enjoyed my first stint of teaching despite some challenges encountered.

The real practice of teaching is definitely challenging depending on your approach of dealing with the challenges. As for me, those challenges are only learning tools that would help me become better. Do I look forward to another year of teaching? Definitely! I wouldn't have resigned being a customer service associate in Convergys with a way higher pay if I don’t love teaching that much.

Here’s to more years of teaching!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Cliché and redundant as it may sound, this day is indeed the day to celebrate LOVE. So may we all be reminded that whether you are single or not, we all have the equal chance in making this day a day our loved one/s won’t forget even in the next five years or more. Do the things that you always wanted to do with them but never had the chance to. It could be to your family, friends, workmates, classmates, etc. Do something that will linger in their hearts before this day ends. Happy Valentine’s day from my heart!


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